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Boater. com Acquired By Boating. com

Boater. com Acquired By Boating. com

(PRWEB) May 20, 2000

Contact: Chris Benham

Boating. com

(713) 520-5050

Pr@boating. com

--Boating. com Leads Consolidation Of Online Marine Industry--

Houston, TX - May 16, 2000 - Boating. com, the most popular online destination for the marine industry and boating enthusiasts, has acquired Boater. com, one of the oldest web sites focused on aquatic activities. The previous owner sees this action as the first step in the creation of a single portal for the industry.

"Consolidation is inevitable, and Boating. com is the dominant marine brand online," said Hanno Ginn, founder of Boater. com. "Their momentum is testament to their demonstrated desire to partner and work with the existing infrastructure of the boating industry. Boating. com is clearly the best positioned boating brand to dominate the entire industry."

"We are pleased to add both Boater. com and Flying. com to the Boating. com family," said Tom King, Boating. com V. P. Internet Strategies and Chairman. "Leading the consolidation of the online recreational marine and travel industries reenforces Boating. com's position to meet the needs of marine manufacturers who sell business-to-business and to consumers."

Boating. com is the strategic partner of the majority of Top 25 boat shows in the industry and owns more than 350 marine and recreational domain names, including Flying. com. To discuss partnership opportunities with Boating. com or Flying. com, contact Tom King at tom. king@boating. com.

About Boating. com

Founded in 1999 and headquartered in Houston, Tx., Boating. com is the premier web site for the boating and fishing community. Through strategic partnerships and alliances, Boating. com provides visitors with the most relevant and up-to-date boating information, as well as the most comprehensive site for purchasing marine-related products and services. Boating. com is privately held. Boating. com is a registered trademark of Boating. com, Inc. All other product names referenced are the property of their respective owners and are hereby acknowledged. More information about Boating. comis available by visitng www. boating. com, e-mailing pr@boating. com or calling (713) 520-5050.

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New Package Holiday Inspiration Site Launches

New Package Holiday Inspiration Site Launches

Packageholiday. com is a new non-commercial website aiming to provide inspiration, tips and suggestions on booking vacations for travellers from around the world. Containing holiday reviews, integrated video clips of inspiring destinations and information on the top package holiday tour operators, packageholiday. com is aiming to become one of the top resources for finding great holiday destinations.

(PRWEB) September 18, 2008

Everyone knows that the Internet provides a plethora of websites offering great vacation packages (http://www. packageholiday. com/vacation-packages/) and travel bargains, but along the way, many fail to provide true holiday inspiration for travellers and real-world advice for travel to their chosen destinations. The new Package Holiday (http://www. packageholiday. com/) website at packageholiday. com is a non-commercial, unaffiliated and independent site aiming to fill a gap in the market, offering not only inspiration but important information on how and where to book your holiday for the best possible experience.

The website contains a growing selection of reviews from real experiences in hotels and holiday hotspots, aiming not only at inspiring the reader, but at informing the potential visitor of what to expect beyond the promotional brochure blurb. Visitors to the website who have visited the holiday destinations reviewed are also able to contribute their own comments to assist others in the decision making process.

In addition to the reviews, Package Holiday also scours the web for video clips of destinations, tours and trips by reviewers and brings them together into a Destination Videos (http://www. packageholiday. com/destination-videos/) section. Many of these holiday destination videos are short clips provided by travel journalists and show both commercial and more unusual locations, alternative types of holiday and often the culture of a specific location or holiday resort.

To accompany the reviews of holidays (http://www. packageholiday. com/holidays/) and video clips, packageholiday. com also aims to provide information relating to booking vacation packages and trips abroad on the Internet. While everyone knows there are hundreds of tour operators providing online holidays, many sites are confusing to use or offering deals that fall well short of being good deals. Packageholiday. com provides ongoing reviews of a selection of online travel booking sites and compares the features, deals and usability to assist travellers in finding the right site for their needs.

If you are looking for inspiration or information on booking your vacations, or if you're after real-world reviews of package holidays (http://www. packageholiday. com/packageholidays/) abroad, then stop by packageholiday. com and check out the wealth of information on offer.


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Bell Aquaculture Announces Breaded Yellow Perch Product Line & Launches Bell Perch Online Ordering System

Bell Aquaculture Announces Breaded Yellow Perch Product Line & Launches Bell Perch Online Ordering System

Yellow perch - the sweet, mild tasting fish everyone loves, especially at Friday Night Fish Fries - is now officially back in time to kickoff the Lenten season. The rollout of Bell Aquaculture's breaded yellow perch products and launch of the Bell Perch™ Online Ordering System means ample supplies of yellow perch fillets will now be available year around. Bell Aquaculture owns and operates of the nation's largest yellow perch farm in Albany, IN, with corporate headquarters and production facilities nearby in Redkey, northeast of Indianapolis.

Redkey, IN (PRWEB) February 8, 2010

Bell Aquaculture, owner and operator of the nation's largest yellow perch (Perca flavescens) farm, is rolling out its breaded yellow perch line and concurrently launching the Bell Perch™ Online Ordering System. The announcement is made by Norman McCowan, President & CEO, who says for the past year, as the farm has been building out, Bell Perch has only been available through restaurant partners and various public sales and special events, such as the annual Purdue University Ag Alumni Fish Fry.

Bell will continue to form restaurant partnerships as it grows and participate in special events, but now consumers will be able to purchase both the breaded yellow perch fillets and Cajun nuggets online at http://www. bellperch. com (click the 'Order Online' tab). Here's more information about the Bell Perch breaded products, now available in orders of either five or 20 pounds (unbreaded fillets will be available in the near future):

  • Frozen Breaded Fillets
Bell's breaded yellow perch fillets, with a slightly lemon pepper taste, are just like what we used to have in the days of yesteryear - and maybe better, before overfishing of lakes and environmental perils. Further, Bell's panko breading is just the right balance of tangy and mild, and the fillets cook best in canola oil in just under 3 minutes. (see recipes at the Web site for specific cooking instructions - http://www. bellperch. com/gallery/?cid=6 ).

  • Cajun Nuggets
Yellow perch has always been a Cajun seafood favorite, and now a new southern dream come true: the spicy kick of Cajun seasoning paired with the sweet taste of Bell Perch. Perfect for appetizers or even as a whole meal, these Bell Perch Cajun Nuggets will be your favorite Bayou seafood.

The newly harvested fish only travel 5 miles to be processed and are quickly frozen to maintain flavor and freshness. It's unique that Bell processes its own harvested fish, thereby maintaining vertical integration and control over every step of the process from 'farm to fork.'

"The greatest difficulty in recent years has been the availability of yellow perch out of Lake Michigan and Lake Erie - the two predominant lakes for the supply of wild-caught yellow perch," explains McCowan. "Which means restaurants that were typically serving customers who enjoy the taste of yellow perch and individual consumers, just couldn't get the supply. Or, in some cases, they are getting lesser quality fish and selling it as yellow perch."

Further, according to McCowan: "The yellow perch we're raising, the Bell Perch, is a higher quality product from the standpoint there is no real possibility of contaminants entering into the food chain during their growth. We have absolute control over our water supply, since they are raised in-house there is no opportunity for bird predation, pesticides or herbicides to get into the flesh of the fish that you and I might sit down to eat."

Yellow perch is one of the most popular of all North American pan fish. It has a mild, sweet flavor with firm white flesh and low fat levels, making it a favorite in residential and commercial kitchens alike. There's no taste difference from wild-caught like some other farmed species. In years past, yellow perch was the fish typically served at Friday Night Fish Fries in the Great Lakes region, particularly during Lent (the period prior to Easter).

The vision for a yellow perch farm was born when Chairman & Founder Michael Miller became personally interested in aquaculture in 1994. After studying this science and becoming involved in the Indiana Aquaculture Association, Inc. (IAAI), he developed a dream to bring the local and personal favorite, yellow perch, back to the area. Miller has been involved with the IAAI for 12 years, including holding the position of secretary/treasurer until recently.

As Miller says, "What started out as an idea on a Post-it note, ended up being 17 file cabinets of information." So after more than 12 years of research, consulting fish experts and a lot of hard work, Bell Aquaculture was formed in 2005.

Bell Aquaculture is committed to these four guiding principles in producing its fish:

1) Controlled indoor environment
2) Toxin & mercury free - no hormones used
3) Healthy growth
4) Gentle to the environment

About Bell Aquaculture

Bell Aquaculture, headquartered in Redkey, IN, is a producer and processor of farm-raised fish for restaurants and consumer use. Initial production facilities, dedicated to yellow perch, are located in Albany, IN, and comprise the nation's largest yellow perch farm. Visit http://www. bellaquaculture. com

Direct link to online ordering: http://www. bellperch. peachhost. com

Direct link to Bell's restaurant partners: http://www. bellperch. com/index/Product/WhereToGetBellPerch. asp


Maggie Holben, Absolutely PR http://www. absolutelypr. com - 303-984-9801 or 303-669-3558

Jodi Bertram, Realistic Marketing http://www. realistic-marketing. com - 913-484-7361

Link to Norman McCowan's related interview on the Hoosier Ag Radio Network 2/10/10: http://ow. ly/1rosJ


1-Forex. com Has Recently Added A Currency Conversion Tool To Its Forex Trading Information Homepage

1-Forex. com Has Recently Added A Currency Conversion Tool To Its Forex Trading Information Homepage

The basic unit of Forex trading is the currency pair, and many times forex traders as well as people just traveling or doing business need to have the current exchange rate between currencies with a simple tool.

(PRWEB) December 16, 2005

Forex trading has recently become one of the favorite money making activities for many people around the world, and everyday there are more and more men and women from all walks of life that want to join this great financial opportunity.

Before the internet era, forex trading was an activity reserved only to the big players, banks, brokerage firms, in short; only wealthy people. But the arrival of the internet and the trading platforms available for downloading to the computers of regular citizens have come to transform the face of forex in a few years.

With the ever increasing amount of trade between countries together with the increase in traveling, either for business or pleasure, around the world there is always the need for many people of knowing what the exchange rate between the countries involved in the trading or travel plans is at the moment.

You usually can find some of the most important exchange rates between major currencies (USD, EUR, AUD, JPN, CAD) at the bank or even at the airport once you are there. But not all currencies are always listed in the bank and you may want to know the currency exchange rate at your destination before arriving to the airport.

Considering this issue and as an extra service to the forex trading community, 1-Forex. com has released a currency conversion tool the will help visitors in need to know what the exchange is between any currency in the world to convert this foreign currency to his particular local currency, no matter how big or small the country or local economy is.

This tool is easy to use, first choose the currencies you want to compare from the menu and then type the amount of currency in the corresponding window, click convert and you will have the equivalence in a few seconds.


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BISNAR | CHASE Named as Co-Counsel in Product Liability Lawsuit Against Isuzu

BISNAR | CHASE Named as Co-Counsel in Product Liability Lawsuit Against Isuzu

The California auto defects lawyers of BISNAR | CHASE (http://www. BestAttorney. com) have been named as co-counsel in an auto defect product liability case against Isuzu.

Newport Beach, California (Vocus/PRWEB) November 16, 2010

The California auto defects lawyers of BISNAR | CHASE (http://www. BestAttorney. com) have been named as co-counsel in an auto defect product liability case against Isuzu.

The lawsuit was filed by Gilbert, Ollanik & Komyatte, P. C., a leading Colorado automotive product liability law firm, specializing in auto defects and product safety. The suit alleges the 2001 Isuzu Rodeo manufactured and sold by the defendant and its subsidiaries and affiliates was defective and failed to properly protect Idaho residents Stacey Schrock and Christina Monroe from severe personal injuries during an October 2008 rollover accident. The case is pending in the Orange County Superior Court of California, case # 30-2010-00419235.

The defendants listed in this case are the following:

  •  Isuzu Motors Limited
  •  Isuzu North American Corporation Isuzu Motors America, LLC (through its predecessor Isuzu Motors America, Inc.)
  •  Subaru of Indiana Automotive, Inc. (through its predecessor Subaru-Isuzu Automotive, Inc.)
  •  Isuzu Manufacturing Services of America, Inc.
  •  Isuzu Motors America, Inc.
  •  Isuzu Technical Center of America, Inc.
  •  American Isuzu Motors Inc.
  •  Fuji Heavy Industries, Ltd.
  •  Takata Corporation
  •  TK Holdings, Inc.
  •  Takata Seat Belts, Inc.
  •  TI Holdings, Inc. 

Isuzu Rodeo Rollover Accident Severely Injures Two Women

According to court documents, Stacey Schrock and Christina Monroe, both residents of Idaho, were the properly-restrained occupants of a 2001 Isuzu Rodeo as it traveled westbound on Interstate 84 near Highway 27, close to the town of Burley, Idaho on October 24, 2008.

Even at legal highway speeds, the driver was unable to maintain control of the Isuzu Rodeo as it careened toward the center median. In an effort to regain control, the driver over-corrected the vehicle's steering upon which the SUV went into a non-recoverable broadside skid. It rotated clockwise and rolled over, causing the ejection of the plaintiffs who sustained severe and traumatic personal injuries, including massive brain injuries and paraplegia, in the crash.

Numerous Isuzu Rodeo Defects Alleged

The lawsuit alleges the 2001 Isuzu Rodeo was wrought with a variety of defects, including the following:

  •  Insufficient lateral and roll stability to keep the vehicle upright during cornering and handling maneuvers by ordinary drivers within reasonably foreseeable roadway and traffic conditions.
  •  Defective and unsafe seats and seat backs that failed during the crash sequence, not only allowing the plaintiffs to careen backwards, but also facilitating their ejection through the rear passenger window.
  •  Defective and unsafe seat belts, which failed during the crash sequence, further facilitating the ejection of the plaintiffs through the rear passenger window.
  •  The use of defective and unsafe glass and glass glazing in the side and rear windows which completely failed during the crash sequence, allowing the plaintiffs to be ejected from the vehicle through openings in the windows.

"Not only were the defendants aware the Isuzu Rodeo was defective and dangerous, they failed to fix the problems or warn the public about those problems," said Brian Chase, partner at BISNAR | CHASE and co-counsel in the case. "Despite the availability of simple solutions that would fix these problems, the defendants chose to cut costs at the expense of human safety."

According to Chase, these solutions include the following:

  •  An electronic stability control system that uses electronic sensors to monitor steering commands, brake pressure and engine torque, to prevent rollover and side slip crashes.
  •  The use of wider and stronger metal in the seats, seat backs and seat connectors, to prevent seat and seat back failure during crash sequences.
  •  The use of laminated glass and protective glazing, to prevent the vehicle's windows from breaking and causing openings through which occupants could be ejected.

"For just a few hundred dollars, Isuzu could have corrected these problems yet it chose to advance its own pecuniary interests," said Brian Chase. "As a result, two innocent women will suffer for the rest of their lives."

The lawsuit seeks damages for severe personal injuries and pain and suffering; emotional and mental distress; disfigurement, loss of bodily function and impairment; past and future medical expenses; loss of past and future wages and earning ability; and court costs.

About Gilbert, Ollanik & Komyatte, P. C.

Gilbert, Ollanik & Komyatte, P. C. Colorado automotive product liability lawyers represent injured people and their families in lawsuits against some of the world's largest corporations. Since its inception in 1969, the firm's product safety lawyers have focused on litigation involving auto accidents and rollovers where people are seriously injured or killed because of automobile defects. The firm's attorneys have recovered more than $150 million dollars in verdicts & settlements on behalf of injured consumers in states across the country, including Colorado, Iowa, Missouri, California, Nebraska, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Florida, Texas, Utah, Washington, Georgia, West Virginia, New Mexico, Wyoming, and Illinois


The BISNAR | CHASE California personal injury attorneys of Newport Beach represent people who have been very seriously injured or lost a family member due to an accident, defective product or negligence throughout the country from their California headquarters. The auto defects law firm has won a wide variety of auto defect cases against most of the major auto manufacturers, including Ford, General Motors, Toyota, Nissan and Chrysler. Brian Chase is the author of the most up-to-date and comprehensive auto defect book available today, Still Unsafe at Any Speed: Auto Defects that Cause Wrongful Deaths and Catastrophic Injuries. For more information, visit Mr. Chase's blog at http://www. ProductDefectNews. com.


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Business Leaders Need Not be Under The Weather of Avian Flu

Business Leaders Need Not be Under The Weather of Avian Flu

How will the out break of Avian Influenza effect our organization? CO2 Partners, LLC, an organizational leadership consulting business, in partnership with The Business Development Group, has released a free briefing for businesses and organization to become better informed about the Avian Flu and how they can prepare themselves.

Wayzata, MN (PRWEB) June 7, 2006

CO2 Partners, LLC, an organizational leadership consulting business, in partnership with The Business Development Group, has released a free briefing for businesses and organization to become better informed about the Avian Flu and how they can prepare themselves.

"Flu pandemics are like earthquakes, hurricanes, and tsunamis, they occur. There's going to be another one. There have been ten in the last 300 years. It's important to understand that when you’re preparing for pandemic influenza, you're preparing for something that will happen….(H5N1) is the most powerful influenza virus we've seen in modern human history." --Dr. Michael Osterholm

Dr. Osterholm is director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy (CIDRAP), associate director of the Department of Homeland Security's National Center for Food Protection and Defense (NCFPD), and professor in the School of Public Health, University of Minnesota. He is also a member of the Institute of Medicine (IOM) of the National Academy of Sciences. In June 2005 Dr. Osterholm was appointed by Michael Leavitt, Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), to the newly established National Science Advisory Board on Biosecurity.

It is estimated that only 18% of all U. S. companies have any plans in place to meet the issues of an outbreak of the Avian Flu as it relates to a human pandemic influenza or fear of a pandemic. If the Avian Flu gets to the U. S. it may well have only a minor impact to the stakeholders. If however, it mutates into a human pandemic influenza, the economy could easily become paralyzed. People would isolate themselves in their homes, thus stop going to work, school and public venues. Unemployment insurance and government support services would be difficult if not impossible to access. As time continued banking, food supplies, the Internet and phone services would become disrupted. It is estimated a pandemic could cause up to 30% of all small businesses to go into bankruptcy. Referring back to the nightmare results of Katrina, as an example, it is easy to predict that the number could easily go higher.

An AI outbreak in the U. S. will have little impact on most individuals. In contrast, however, a human epidemic in the U. S. or even overseas would impact a greater number and create fear and disruptions on a global basis. A pandemic could be biblical in global devastation. It would impact the U. S. military, police and other security aspects of daily life. Few if anyone would not be touched by death and sickness.

· 57% of Americans reported concern about the spread of Avian Flu.

· 15% said they were very concerned

· 20% believe they or a relative will get the Avian Flu.

· 75% said they would avoid travel.

· 71% said they would avoid public events

Current government recommendations for families and business suggest the stockpile of critical supplies before a human pandemic occurs. It is estimated that these supplies should last from 3 weeks to 3 months and depend on the impact to the logistics of a community. Companies should create work at home plans and provide key employees with “Flu Kits” as preparation for the contingency that the virus migrates into a human transmittable strain. A pandemic event could last 12 to 18 months.

At the time of this writing, no human AI-related pandemic virus has been identified. The U. S. food supply remains safe and world health agencies are working to control this aggressive bird-related disease that has been in existence for centuries if not longer. But that could all change if this virus mutates. And many elite scientists believe it's not just a matter of if, but when.

Peter Lytle's “Avian Influenza and Human Pandemic Influenza Briefing” is a terrific first step toward preparing yourself and your organization for an outbreak of Avian Flu. In this educational presentation, you will be given:

· A clear, simple primer about the Avian Flu (AI), its impact on animal populations, and the potential impact on humans

· A government/industry report card on preparedness—both for controlling AI in poultry and a potential human pandemic

To learn more about how to obtain this free 87 page PowerPoint brief and reference sources for statistical information visit us at http://www. co2partners. com/letter. htm (http://www. co2partners. com/letter. htm) and please send others to our site to benefit from this critical information.

Family and individual plans are available from the CDC and can be accessed on their website: www. pandemicflu. gov/ (http://www. pandemicflu. gov/).

Other planning support can be accessed through The Center for Infectious Disease, Research & Policy (CIDRAP) www. cidrap. umn. edu/ (http://www. cidrap. umn. edu/).

# # #

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Westmont Hospitality Group Awarded 2010 Passport to Prosperity Ontario Employer Designation

Westmont Hospitality Group Awarded 2010 Passport to Prosperity Ontario Employer Designation

Westmont Hospitality Group was recognized by the Ontario Minister of Education as an elite employer for supporting experiential learning in the province of Ontario.

Toronto, ON (Vocus/PRWEB) January 11, 2011

Westmont Hospitality Group was the proud recipient of the 2010 Passport to Prosperity Ontario Employer designation on Nov. 22, 2010 at a special Queen’s Park event in Toronto that also marked the official launch of the first-ever Experiential Learning Week in Ontario. Westmont was recognized for its commitment to providing meaningful work opportunities through experiential learning for high school students in the province of Ontario.

“We recognize that our people are our greatest asset,” says Robert Pratt, chief operating officer, Westmont Hospitality Group. “Not only are we aware of the benefits received by students who participate in this program, but we also enjoy the fresh perspective and energy that students bring into the workplace. We believe this ultimately enhances the service extended to our hotel guests.”

The award was presented to Robert Pratt, chief operating officer, Westmont Hospitality Group and Kaval Verma, area director of human resources, Westmont Hospitality Group at the awards ceremony on Nov. 22, 2010 by the Honourable Leona Dombrowsky, Ontario Minister of Education.

“Valuable workplace experiences give students a genuine insight into the day-to-day realities of working in a hotel and help those considering a career in hospitality to make pivotal career decisions,” added Pratt.

Last year Westmont provided cooperative education placements for more than 50 students in 25 of its hotels across the province. The company also participates in career fairs and classroom presentations in addition to providing work placements at its hotels. Many students who have previously participated in these experiential learning programs now have full-time positions in a number of Westmont’s Ontario hotels.

Passport to Prosperity is an Ontario-wide initiative to promote the benefits of school-work partnerships, recruit partners to work with schools, and provide resources to facilitate these partnerships, for the benefit of employers and high school students.

About Westmont Hospitality Group
Westmont is one of the largest hotel operators and managers in Canada with over 170 hotels from many respected brand names in the hospitality industry including Best Western, Comfort Inn, Delta, Fairmont, Hilton, Holiday Inn, Holiday Inn Express, Quality, Radisson and Sheraton, Staybridge Suites and Travelodge, 143 of which are owned by InnVest REIT. With hotels conveniently located in or close to most major cities, airports, conference centres, universities and tourist attractions, it is the most versatile hotel company in Canada – perfect for sport travel, group travel, leisure travel and business travel.
For more information visit http://www. InnVestREIThotels. com.
© 2011 Westmont Hospitality Group. All rights reserved.